Preparation of year-end tax declaration

Qatar Tax law provides that any business activity carried out in Qatar will be subject to tax. An "activity" has been defined as any occupation, profession, service, trade or the execution of a contract or any other business for the purpose of making profit.

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Income tax is levied on partnerships and companies operating in Qatar whether they operate through branches or in partnership with foreign companies. ​The Gregorian calendar is used for Qatar income tax purposes, but a taxpayer may apply to prepare his financial statements for a twelve-month period ending on a day other than 31 December.

The first accounting period may be more or less than twelve months, but it should not be less than six months or more than 18 months. A taxpayer should keep his accounting records in Qatari Riyals unless permission is obtained from the tax administration for them to be kept in a foreign currency.

The penalty for late filing of tax return is QAR100 per day of delay to a maximum of QAR36,000. Separate penalty applies for the late payment of tax, which is 1.5% of the amount of tax due per month, or part thereof, up to the amount of the tax due. These financial and legal consequences might ensue due to failure of compliance on regulations, notwithstanding whether the noncompliance is inadvertent and unintentional to the penalized company. Companies are exposed to these risks, all the more reason to seek for a partner firm having the technical and professional expertise.

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