Risk Advisory Services (RAS)

Sound governance and risk management processes are essential for any business, to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives and long-term sustainability. Mazars can provide the specialist staff ‘mix’ to add real value to organizations across all sectors.

An effective system of internal control is central to how an organization responds to the various classes of risk to which it is exposed. Organizations that fail to recognize the need to control risk, safeguard their assets or comply with regulation expose themselves potential failures, each of which can have a significant impact on their ability to operate successfully.

Governance, Risk & Internal Control (GRIC) team of specialist professionals address these risks for a wide range of entities, across all major sectors. We work closely with senior management to develop practical and pragmatic solutions.

GRIC Services include:

  1. Internal Audit Services Audit Management Software (eAudit)
  2. IT Audit and Cyber Security Services
  3. Data Analytics Services
  4. Governance and Enterprise Risk Management Services