Get Cured - Privacy Breach Remediation Services

As one of the nation’s leading accounting firms, Mazars in Qatar provides the resources, experience and global expertise to help you adapt in a dynamically changing business landscape.

The digitalization of the economy has led to the necessity for businesses to collect mountains of data. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and international laws are consistently giving citizens more control of their information and actively regulating compliance.

Building security and privacy programs can be complicated to address the different regulatory requirements. It takes time to standardize across the organization, and many entities have inconsistent security and data privacy operations across their departments. This can lead to unauthorized access, breach of contract, and compliance violations, or all of the above.

How Mazars in Qatar Helps

We deliver the expertise necessary to improve non-compliant operations rapidly. Our triage approach includes workshops, technical teams, digital forensics and world-class privacy experts, all working to ensure you are in compliance before the 30-day deadline.

When risk exposure occurs, regulators look very favorably on organizations that remediate those risks promptly. Some regulations, such as CCPA have a provision for remediation (Cure), that can even result in the organization avoiding individual or class-wide statutory damages.

CCPA Cure Services

  1. Breach Response
  2. Data Subject Request Response
  3. Technical Security Remediation
  4. Third Party Management Program
  5. Risk Assessment (PIA/DPIA)
  6. Data Registry (RoPA)

CCPA Compliance Services