Human resources

Human Resources are necessary to the key players in an organization or company to maximize the return on investment from the organization's human capital and minimize financial risk.

It is the responsibility of HR managers to partner with and support the top management in managing these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner. HR management serves these key functions.

Human Resource Strategic Management and Planning

  • Align HR strategy with business strategy and make line managers together with HR managers accountable for implementation

Organization restructuring and change management

  • Constant change is a key challenge to businesses as they seek to grow and remain profitable in an increasingly competitive market
  • Organization is the dynamic part of any business, so we do believe that restructuring and change management is a continuous process
  • Organizational change management includes processes and tools for managing the people side of the change at an organizational level. These tools include a structured approach that can be used to effectively transition groups or organizations through change. When combined with an understanding of individual change management, these tools provide a framework for managing the people side of change

Recruitment Strategy, Hiring Processes and manpower planning

  • Support Business community in achieving their mission through effective and efficient selection and recruitment process

Reward strategy and Performance Management

  • We Work with organizations to implement what they need to get the best for and from their employees
  • We focus on the alignment of the Reward Strategy with the Organization culture

On Boarding

  • A strategic on-boarding program will work to enable new hires to effectively integrate into the organization

Training Services

  • Leadership, management development and coaching