Touching the sky with cloud computing - Part 2

Cloud computing is no longer a sky-high concept. It has steadily become a core business enabler, helping transform processes in the new-age era. Organizations must develop a sound understanding of all risks and opportunities and align them with their business models, as they make their way upwards to the cloud.

The buzz is all around. Cloud computing is gaining momentum as we progress along Qatar's National Vision 2030. ICT spending is increasing. The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has announced Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform. All the groundwork is in place. We are ready for take-off. But then, how should we go about making the best flight toward the cloud?

In our series I paper, Touching the sky with cloud computing, we discussed key characteristics and the potential for organizations to migrate to the cloud. In this second series, we outline exactly how to go about doing that. That is, becoming cloud ready.

While each organization's migration strategy will essentially vary as per its business model and operating environment, there are some key elements that must be accounted for when designing the route of migration.

This includes identifying any risks and challenges beforehand, understanding how to mitigate them and keeping migration at the heart of all functions. Like any flight of journey, this means:

  1. Preparing for Take-off
    The shift to cloud computing essentially extends the boundaries of traditional computer processing and ropes in multiple services, coming with strings attached. These extended boundaries further open up an organization’s risk portfolio, with changed controls –of both a firm’s own data and that of its customers –bringing new issues to the forefront.One of the greatest factors here lies under data ownership and privacy: Who ultimately owns the data? Who manages it? How will it be managed? What to do in unforeseen circumstances?
  2. Getting Diverse Insights On-Board
    After the initial risk assessment process, it is all about designing an apt migration strategy. Cloud migration, being a strategic move, is not merely limited to IT.  Its implementation and impact will flow through the entire organization, not just from a technical (process) angle, but from a firm-specific (procedural) angle as well.In this sense, the CIO is not the only “cloud implementer” within the firm.All executives –ranging from the CRO, CMO, CHRO, CFO and all the way to the CEO –must work together to make the move as smooth as possible. This includes addressing issues such as current data controls, their fungibility to move and adapt, vendor relations, timeline, cost implications, people implications and a lot more.
  3. Cruising High on Maturity
    Ultimately, as the organization works together to design and implement an optimal cloud migration strategy, it will start its journey on the Cloud Maturity Spectrum; a scale that determines exactly how it is utilizing the cloud to further its business objectives and goals.This maturity differs between firms. Is the firm new to this process and currently focusing on bringing data to the cloud (pioneering cloud deployment)? Is it looking to scale one level up for strategic integration in the cloud? Or is it already well-versed in the sky and is looking for further migration to transform new-age processes and become change-makers “at the top”?

At the end of the day, cloud computing is not rocket science. It is a relatively straight-forward and standardized process, which once adopted, can help increase both process efficiency and effectiveness, opening new channels for growth.

The challenge is to figure out what cloud migration strategy is the best for your firm. This compatibility computability is inherently what will determine your route to the cloud and keep you moving sky-high.

Mazars advantage

At Mazars Qatar, we are offering personalized cloud computing solutions for your organization, helping you take care of migration and management at all parts of the journey. As part of our program, using our expertise and tools we will help you understand how cloud ready you are and where are the missing gaps. We encourage you to get in touch with us to help you the take the first step and assess the cloud readiness and make the cloud move. Let us partner together and embark upon a new era of cloud computing.

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Touching the sky with cloud computing - Part 2