C-suite insights from the Africa and Middle East region

At the end of 2021 we ran our annual C-suite barometer, surveying over 1,000 executives from around the world, including more than 135 from the Africa and Middle East (AME) region.

In the AME region, we uncovered a sense of confidence and resilience, with a significant majority of executives predicting revenue growth in 2022. With the impact of the pandemic ongoing, and new challenges arising from financial and political instability around the world, these are qualities that are likely to be tested once again this year.

Our research reveals:

  • 81% anticipate a technology transformation in their business
  • 51% believe cyber risks have increased
  • 41% say remote working will be a long-term change
  • 60% of ESG investment is driven by brand/reputation
  • 79% say the future leadership styles their organisations needs have changed   

There will inevitably be challenges ahead for businesses in the AME region. But challenge also brings opportunity and now is the time for action – are you ready?

Discover C-suite insights from the AME region by downloading our report here.


Mazars C-suite insights - AME